What is Delimited?

Delimited lets you configure a fully-hosted, secure, private data uploader that you can copy/paste into any web application in literally five minutes.

Delimited For Developers

Delimited offers developers a configuration-based method for embedding upload widgets into any web application. You access the Delimited admin portal and specify the shape of the data that your application expects: columns, validations, and data destination. Then, a simple copy/paste lets you include an upload widget in the source code of your application. Delimited provides the following components:

  • Resilient, secure file uploads. Delimited uses the Tus protocol for secure, resumable file uploads that can handle extremely large files and is resistant to transient network outages.
  • User mapping screen. Delimited allows the user to map their file’s data into the format the application expects using a beautiful and functional client-side mapping screen. The mapping process automatically guesses the appropriate mapping, minimizing friction for users. Additionally, the user can specify a default value for any missing data. The mapping screen supports data files with included headers or without included headers.
  • Data validation and normalization logic. Delimited uses state-of-the-art cloud-based components to clean, normalize, validate, map, and apply configured data enrichment before data delivery.
  • Data delivery logic. Delimited live-streams the results of the processing to your application through one of the configured data delivery strategies like POST-ing to your REST API endpoint, pushing into your S3 bucket, or loading directly into your database.
  • Upload history. See a historical view of users’ uploads with statistics like failed and successful rows or total bytes processed.
  • Secure, private architecture. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, including any of your configuration.
  • Performant. Delimited is architected from the ground up using a modern streaming architecture ensuring that files are processed and delivery blazing fast (whether or not performant is actually a word)!

Delimited For Users

Users are the consumers or business professionals using the applications you are writing. What advantages does Delimited have for them?

  • Instant setup. Don’t tell your stakeholders to wait for a sprint or two while the CSV upload functionality is built. Start prototyping early and move on to the interesting value-add pieces of your application with real data for an early virtuous feedback cycle.
  • Resilient uploads. “My internet hiccuped while uploading and I had to restart! Can’t you fix that?” is a phrase you should never hear again.
  • Smart mapping. Don’t attempt the impossible task of teaching users how to name their Excel headers exactly right (“please take out that extra space and make your headers all lowercase”). Delimited detects when a column doesn’t match and asks the user to fix it without you ever needing to worry. Your application only receives normalized data without any unexpected header names.
  • Validation. Let users receive quick feedback when an upload fails for being invalid and download only the rows with errors so they can fix and try again.
  • Seamless experience. The Delimited upload widget blends right into your application and provides an integrated experience in your application. They’ll be singing your praises.

Get Started

Read the docs or Sign up for our free trial (fully cancellable without talking to a human, no questions asked). It may be the five minutes that saves you weeks of development and testing!

Sean Fisher is the founder of Delimited, the simple CSV uploader for efficient devs. Sean's years of consulting experience provided insight into common data integration pain points across clients in industries spanning healthcare, retail energy, construction, education, and financial services. A lifetime of using technology to solve pain points such as these led him to create Delimited.

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